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كورسات أونلاين او بالحضور الشخصي – شهادات صادره من المعهد الماليزي للوجستيات


International Shipping Course
كورس الشحن البحري الدولي والملاحه

1- Introduction to Shipping, Geography of Shipping.

2- Types of Cargoes, Types of Ships, the 4 Big Bulk Commodities, BIMCO & The Baltic Index.

3- Liner Shipping and Shipping Conferences and Alliances.

4- General Cargo & Tramp Vessels.

5- RORO Ships and Tankers.

6- Stevedoring and Cargo Handling.

7- Ships Certificates & Classification, what is P & I Club.

8- Shipping Agents Functions.

9- Shipping Documentation, Shipping Freight and Incoterms.

International Transport, Freight Forwarding and International Logistics. كورس النقل الدولي وترحيل البضائع واللوجستيات

1- Introduction to Logistics, Main functions of Logistics and their relation to the Supply chain.

2- International Shipping, Types of Cargoes, Types of Ships, Shipping Services, Shipping Lines, Ports Functions and Key players in the Shipping Process.

3- Air Freight, Inland Trucking and Intermodal shipping.

4- Global trade, Import, Export, Trade Documentation and Incoterms.

5-Warehousing and Inventory management.

6- Logistics documentation.

7-Freight Forwarding, Cargo booking and Freight terms.

8- Customs Clearance.

9- Latest Trends in Logistics, 3PL, 4PL, 5PL, Reverse Logistics and Green Logistics.

Basics of Ship Chartering -Dry Cargo Chartering (Level 1) مباديء تأجير السفن والمشارطه

-Introduction and Basics

-Difference between Liner Shipping, Tramp, bulk and General Cargo Carriers.-Types of Ships, Supply and Demand
-Ship Sizes for Chartering  Aframax, Cape size, Suezmax, etc
-Ship dimensions. DWT-NRT-GRT-LOA.
-Types of Freight Rate, Cost of Maritime Transport-Shipping Intermediaries and Their Roles (Ship Agents, Ship Brokers, F. Forwarders, NVOCC)

Types of Chartering

-Voyage Charter
-Time Charter
-Bareboat chartering
-Contract of affreightment

Chartering Negotiations

-Offer and Counter Offer
-Chartering Agreement
-Pre-Fix and Post Fix Procedures
-Laytime, and Laycan.


-Charter Parties, Types of Charter Parties
-Charter Parties Clauses and Definitions
-Chartering Abbreviations
-Example Study, Voyage Charter Party- GENCON C/P
-Example Study, Time Charter Party – NYPE 2015
-Charter Party Bill of Lading- CONGEN Bill

Practical Applications

-Laytime Calculation, Exercises.
-Voyage Costs estimation Exercises.

Advanced Ship Chartering – Chartering (Level 2)-Advanced Charter Parties Practices and Intro to Tanker Chartering.
  كورس متقدم في تأجير السفن والمشارطه- دراسه متقدمه في عقود المشارطه ومقدمه في تأجير الناقلات

– Charter Parties Problems, writing the C/P the right way

-Tips and Tricks

-Case Studies

-Ships Broking, Offers Open Cargo and Open Vessels.

-Introduction to Tankers Chartering

Digital Trends in Shipping and Logistics

-Blockchain in Logistics and Shipping

-Digital Ports and Smart Ports

-Internet of Things in Logistics and Shipping

-Artificial Intelligence and Virtual reality in Shipping and Logistics

-Autonomous Ships

Basics of Supply Chain Management
1 —Introduction to Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing Environment and Process Choices

2—Demand Management, Characteristics of Demand, Forecasting

3—Master Planning, S&OP, Master Scheduling and Master Production Schedule

4—Material Requirements Planning (MRP), Bill of Material

5- Inventory Management & Costs, Order Quantity, Re-order system, Safety Stock & ABC Inventory.

6- Purchasing and Physical Distribution

7- Transportation

8- Warehousing, Purpose of Warehousing, Processes and Activities, Public versus private warehousing

9—Lean and Theory of Constraints.

Cargo Insurance and Claims

Finance for Shipping and Logistics

Introduction to Customs Clearance

Basics of Marketing

Modern Strategic HR Management