With our 30 Years of Experiences in the fields of Logistics, Shipping, Management and Marketing we are ready to provide
you with the best Hands on Experiences Training.

Bio of our Founder

Ahmed Badawi Ahmed

We Represent the Following Institutes in Egypt.

1- Malaysian Institute of Logistics and Management.

2- Our GM is the representative of Kingston Business Academy,UK,in Egypt.


Logistics  Consultancy

Our Services Include:-

– Establish your Shipping Agency, or Freight Forwarding Company ,Export/Import Departments,Recruitment,  Job Design, Documentation procedures advice, Training and Follow up.

-Supply Chain Strategy, Design, Consultancy and Training.

-Warehousing Design and Operations.


الخدمات الاستشاريه

الاستشارات اللوجستيه – تأسيس شركه شحن أو وكاله ملاحيه أو اضافه قسم اللوجستيات أو قسم الاستيراد والتصدير لشركتك شاملا تصميم نظام العمل بالكامل ,والتدريب والمتابعه المستمره